by Ryan Wu

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Combining the timeless grit of The Band, earnest subtleties of Gram Parsons, and spacey soul feel of Todd Rundgren along with the melodic embellishments of R&B masterminds such as Sade and Luther Vandross, Ryan Wu has created a sound that is nothing more than painfully honest and emotionally evocative. Whether it’s the twang-y lead guitar work, funky bass lines, and or the intense vocal strains he puts out, his desire to craft and arrange catchy harmonies and jivin’ instrumentation alone encompasses the classics while looking towards the future. With the release of his first EP 'Take Care', an emotional ode to a hot, lazy summer's day, kicking off his solo musical career in 2014, Wu intends on pushing the boundaries of his writing even further with many new instruments, elements, and overall characteristics that is installed and celebrated throughout the upcoming new pieces of work. Releasing in the second half of May 2017 as a self-release, 'Wutasia' will introduce a fresh take on psychedelic folk rock that will leave you feeling melancholic and a little less lonely.

In the summer of 2016, Wu began developing what would now be his six song EP. It is during this time that Wu found a deep fascination and rekindled his love for 60s/70s rock/pop music where he would dive into lengthy catalogs of Neil Young, Harry Nilsson, Big Star, and Dusty Springfield all the while obsessing over the 1978 rockumentary, "The Last Waltz". Dealing with shifting friendships and loneliness, "Changin" and "Take a Ride" were of the first tracks written that also addresses his feelings during that long period. When it came time for Wu to go back to school in the fall, he began focusing on writing songs and often spent hours working on demoed versions of songs, which resulted in frustration and the desire to be perfect. Tracks like "Can't Be Without You" and "You and I" are ballad-esque pieces of work that dealt with the pain of not being able to keep a relationship. He would then spend the rest of the fall and winter recording each song in a studio and would often change arrangements and parts of songs that further added to the madness. With the help of producer Matt Ebbers and engineer Oliver Divone, the EP started to piece together around early spring. Wu would relentlessly track each instrument almost entirely by himself. The mastered work done by Steven Meara, was the finishing "analog touch" as he completed the master through an late 80s/early 90s tape machine.


released May 20, 2017

Mixed by Matt Ebbers
Mastered by Steven Meara
Engineered by Oliver Divone
Album art by Adrian Alfonso

Harmonica on Tracks 3 and 5 by Patrick Preziosi
Bass on Track 6 by Oliver Divone
Congas on Track 3 by Matt Ebbers
Backing vocals on Track 1 by Ben Verde
Backing vocals on Track 3 by Ben Verde and Tanya Chernyak

All other instrumentation written and performed by Ryan Wu.

Thanks to Matt, Oliver, Steven, Adrian, Ben, Tanya, Teo, Patrick, PJ, Alex, Erica, Aimee, Ryan, and everyone else who have inspired and helped me put this EP together. Love y'all.




Ryan Wu Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Changin'
Little Johnny can't pretend
That hes the same friend i knew back then
Where we would joke
About good ole Watson's tunes
And now hes serving up dark roast joes
Doing things I would not know
Changing thoughts can't seem to go away

Not a thing stays the same
All my feelings start to change
Moving out to somewhere else
A place that you don't want to be

Now I'm left to wonder about
How Johnny boy left his town
Saying all the things
He wouldn't have said before
What point did he lose his step
Are we moving on bitterly?
Don't know if things will be the same again
Track Name: Take a Ride (With Me)
Well I dont have chiseled chin
And I sure don't have blue blue eyes
But I do know I can love you so
For you I'll give you all my heart

Won't you take a ride with me
(wont you take a ride with me)
Darling I'll be your everything

I'm not like six foot Joe
Nor am I like lanky Dave
But i can brighten up your day
And love you each and every way
Track Name: Can't Be Without You
I tell myself that we'll be okay
It just takes some for love to take its pace
But how can I wait this long
When my mind breaks down and
My heart starts to fade away

I need you in my life
I need you in my arms
I just have to be with you
Because I can't be without you

I couldn't free my head
Of that warm pretty face
All I think about is her by my side
Tired of all the lonely nights
Will I ever feel a loving touch?
Track Name: Always Searching
Always trying to find her
No, I don't need a reminder
That I need to move on
Searching for a girl like
Her but end up right back
Home where she's not around

Baby can't you see
How I cannot speak
I'm shaking to my knees
Just to say

All those other lovers
Would never ever care for
You as much as I would
Livin' everyday without
Seeing you is crazy
What am I left to do?
Track Name: If There Is Anything I Can Do
Look around the room
All I see is you with another
I ask myself
Why do i care about you so much?
When I tried my best
It simply was, not good enough
Can't understand
How I can't seem to let go

If there is anything
I can do to get to you
I'd give you all I have
Just to be with you

Alone in your eyes
Just a glare is really enough
I get choked up
When I try to say hello
So I passed you by
Looked away can't handle seeing
You with another
It crushed my heart and now I'm fleeing
Track Name: You and I
Its like I try so hard
But nothing ever happens
Unaware of my imperfections
That consumes me
Now all I feel is love
Turning hard against me
Can't see the spokes no more
Confidence runs dry

No, I'm not blaming you
For all my sleepless nights
Thinking about you and I
But I guess I should forget it...

Loud thoughts clouding my head
Blinding me from action
Somethings in my chest
And I cannot breathe the cool air
Stuck on you like a thorn
But you cannot feel it
Wake me up from this distortion
So I can be free